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I'm a aspiring artist from Washington that specializes in traditional drawings and digital coloring and effects. I've had semi-professional experience with tattoo, graphic design and illustration with some basic knowledge of commission work.

A lot of what I do centers around classic fantasy, mythology, giant monster related science fiction (kaiju) and critters of all kinds.

Real Mood: :icongorosaurusplz:

Art Trades: Closed
Commissions: Pending
Requests: Closed


- Salaruis Wins: -various edits and future campaigns- *ongoing*

- Raifu: *status pending*

- DCOFL:  'compiled narrative and synopsis conclusion' *in progress*

- Berserk Vs Shonen AU *in progress - Day One*

Salaruis Wins is a cross fictional, multiversal, satirical collab project between me and SirKaijuOfVaudeville.

You can check it out here:



Current Entrants:



A few years ago I hosted a contest called 'What Giant Monster Are You?' It was based off of an old meme generator that took your username and gave a gave you a list of qualities that indicated what sort of Kaiju you would be. Looking to do another round of this contest I tried looking up the old meme but unfortunately the site and the meme along with it are gone. So with some help I was able to cobble together a new system that doesn't require the meme itself to function and expands upon the original. It has the same eight main categories but each of those categories now have twenty different aspects each. The basic template looks something like this:


Name: ____
Type of Monster:

Offensive Ability:
Secondary Ability:

Artillery resistance:

Location of First attack:


The previous contest added another section to it, a bio. This was to cover the back story of your Kaiju and was especially important if your entry didn't have a picture attached to it (a description was required if you had zero drawing ability and had to rely on your writing skills). Each of the above stats now has a full twenty possible results. Why? Because of how we are going to determine the random element of those contest. The original gave you a flat result via the specific lettering of your username. For this contest we'll be using an online dice roll to determine a result from 1-20 for each of those categories. That means there are one hundred and sixty different traits your monster could have. Here is the link to the dice roll site in question.


Contestants put in the following: Sides: 20, Number of dice: 8, Number of rolls:1.

They then click 'Roll Dice' and they are presented with eight numbers. These are your score results and determine which traits your monster has. To enter the contest, contestants must roll for their results, screenshot or record the results and note them to me along with the username they are using for the entry.


There are two major items I must cover in regards to these results:

1. You can roll for up to FIVE different sets of results, for up to FIVE different usernames you may have. You CAN choose which one of these results you will submit along with its corresponding username. You can only submit ONE set of results for your entry. You CANNOT mix and match different rolls from different results to make some sort of custom hybrid set of results.


2. I will not be releasing the 'Key' to these results until all entrants have submitted their numbers & the username for the Kaiju. This is to ensure fairness as I will be keeping a record of those results. That means you won't know what traits you got until after you've entered. After this trait key is released (number 1-20 for each stat) I will no longer accept entrants and the actual submission part of the contest begins.


So to recap, you roll a eight d20's once and submit your results along with the username your Kaiju will be based on. Screenshots aren't required but preferred for legitimacy. You can do this a maximum of five times before you have to accept one of those results. It's even better if you roll for your number of usernames all at once so we know you didn't fudge it. You can only submit one of them and it's corresponding username. After an entry period I will release a trait key and contestants will cross reference their results to the key to find out the stats of their monster. No further entrants will be accepted after this. Then the contestants will create their monster entry and submit it by the due date.


After the due date, the contest will close for judging which like my previous contest will be judged by a group of peers with myself acting as a tie breaker and judge for the judges themselves if they entered the contest (judges cannot judge their own entry naturally).  The actual monster submission must have the following information:


Name: The username used for the Kaiju as well as you attempts if any to make the name sensical.

Type of Monster: What type/species of Kaiju your monster is. Based on famous archetypes.

Origin: Where your monster came from or how it was created.

Offensive Ability: This is your Kaiju's primary weapon.

Secondary Ability: Something defensive or supportive that your Kaiju has.

Weakness: Your Kaiju's 'Achilles Heel'. What drives it off, disables or kills it.

Artillery Resistance: How durable your Kaiju is/how effective conventional weaponry is against it.

Motivation: Why your Kaiju fights, destroys things, travels around, etc.

Location of First Attack: Where your Kaiju is first sighted, from a list of major cities

Bio: The thing you have most control over. The history/back story of your monster.

* Description: A special requirement for submissions that have no art. A detailed list of features that paints a mental picture of what your Kaiju looks and acts like.

 This contest has the same judging criteria as the previous one for the most part. Contestants will be judged on the following:


Creativity: How well the submission takes the available information from the results and crafts something unique and possibly personal from it.. How well the username was adapted to fit the Kaiju. How well the given traits are used both in the art/description and the bio. Rated 1-10.


Originality: How unique the Kaiju is compared to others that share its traits and archetype. So for example if there are a few Reptilian Monstrosities and all of them are different flavors of Godzilla, that's pretty terrible. Same with Huge Primate and King Kong and so on. How well the Kaiju stands on its own compared to others. Does it leave an impression? Rated 1-10. 

Skill: How well your drawing & writing skills complimented the results. Anatomy, use of color, use of values, number of dimensions and complexity for art. Description, grammar, flow and 'ability to paint a picture with words' for writing.  Rated 1-10. 

Kaijuness: Ah, didn't see this one coming (again) now did you? Allow me to explain. Kaijuness is to kaiju what GAR is to men. Your giant monster must feel like a giant monster. Basically its big, its strong, it destroys buildings, it takes an army and beyond to fight it, and doesn't look pound per pound like some regular animal. That includes dinosaurs people. I know a lot of you are all about doing monsters as realistic as possible. Kaiju are monsters, not just animals. They invoke a sense of awe, terror, and mystery all in one. If I see a giant ape, and it's just another giant ape, I'm gonna feel like I'm watching national geographic instead of a monster movie. I'm not gonna break your balls (or ovaries) if your dinosaur kaiju walks horizontal. I will frown at you though if it looks exactly like a T-Rex right down to the bird feet and the munchkin arms. There is nature and then there is science fiction; I want science fiction. Rated 1-10


That's a total of 40 points possible per entry per judge. Whoever scores in the top three will win prizes. The rest will have their monster featured in a surprise as thanks for participating.


For long time Kaiju community members or those that participated in the last contest will know what each of these traits are for the most part but for the sake of anyone new or jumping in here are short descriptions of all 160 traits.


Monster Types:


Monstrous Avian - A type of massive bird. Usually capable of flight, covered in feathers, beak, talons etc. Flight capable and flightless birds are both possible. Tend to be fast and perceptive but otherwise fragile.


Gigantic Human - What amounts to a Giant or Titan. Appears like a giant person at first glance. Might have uncanny valley anatomy or other oddities outside of size. Tend to use tools/weapon and clothes.


Shapeless Blob - A creature made of morphable 'matter'. Much like a giant amoeba. Can feasible absorb prey and alter its mass at whim into whatever form is convenient. Often regarded as 'simple'.


Colossal Arachnid - A very VERY large bug. Has eight legs, two 'arms' a head/body and abdomen. Spiders, Scorpions, Ticks, etc. Cautious and cunning but has a ruthless hunger.


Bipedal Humanoid That Defies Classification - Like a Gigantic Human except that it is free to barely resemble an human outside of walking on two legs and being mostly upright. Often looks pretty freakish in comparison but still disturbingly familiar. Often has more...outlandish desires and methods.


Terrifying Automation - This covers mecha, giant robots and golems. Basically a large being that operates with an obvious level of tech and construction. Is animate either through its own power or that of its pilot/master. Most 'terrifying ones' are autonomous. Often modeled after something and has a with a unique weapon.


Gargantuan Cephalopod - Squids, Octopuses, and other large headed tentacle bearing things with a bilateral body structure. Usually aquatic and known for sinking ships. Can be surprisingly smart and tenacious when required. Seems to love abducting women.


Huge Primate - A giant monkey or ape. Though could be anything that is omnipedal and has hands for feet. Probably covered in lots of hair. Curious and intelligent but always falls back on instincts. Also loves abducting women, will fight the Gargantuan Cephalopod for custody. Often dies tragically but leaves a lasting legacy.


Giant Insect - A type of giant bug without or without wings, and usually six legs, one pair of antennae, and a three segmented body. Covers things like ants, beetles, pill bugs, bees, mantises, etc. Orderly, adaptive and always hungry. Often focused on increasing their numbers.


Reptilian Monstrosity - A large scaly beast that may more may not be some sort of gator, lizard or dinosaur. Often heavily altered by some calamitous force. Tends to be aggressive and territorial with hidden depths. Often displays a unusual cantankerousness toward defending things outside of itself. Will also occasionally rear orphaned members of its own species or that of others. Can be comical as many times as it is awesome. Despises mechanical doppelgangers of itself.


Towering Botanical Nightmare - A animate mutant member of the plant kingdom as tall as sky scrapers. Tends to seek flesh to supplement its usual photosynthesis. Has many biological adaptions lke vines, thorny teeth and sap to protect itself and often seeks to spread itself over an entire area or roam in search of suitable resources. Will go after people and anything that impedes its growth. May demand you feed it on a routine basis until it grows beyond your ability to prune.


Deep Sea Leviathan - Any sea monster that doesn't have half a body made entirely of tentacles. Sea Serpents, killer fish, slippy the snot snail, whatever you dare to imagine has been swimming in the Marina Trench for the last millennium. What can be said for certain is that it's BIG and knows it. May require a release command before indulging its more destructive impulses.


Lovecraftian Horror - The closest you will get to making a genuine cosmic horror (not feasible without serious understanding of that's meant to invoke). It could be a lot of things so long as it doesn't make conventional sense and shits on reality harder than Kaiju normally do. It's not a god, but it could very well make people believe it is. Asymmetrical anatomy and an bizarre existence with alien intelligence are good places to start. Not really a matter of what it 'is' so much as what it 'isn't'.


Chimeric Mutant - A Kaiju that looks like a combination of a LOT of things. Usually many different species cobbled or merged together. Can be a creature of statuesque beauty or brain crippling horror depending on the intent and how badly the parts come together. Think 'fusions'.


Mythological Marauder - Something from a major set of legends or myths that has become released into the modern day or ancient world. Relies heavily on interpretation of those same myths to be successful. Something you'd see in various Harryhausen films or in folklore. Has some overlap with Chimeric Mutant but is of a more 'wondrous' quality, as if they were 'sculpted' into being by powers greater than man can comprehend. Tend to be obsessed with a single goal or obligation that they defend or execute to the death. Tend to be more fantasy oriented than scifi or horror.


Demonic DoomBringer -  Like Chimeric Mutant and Mythological Marauder, tends to have traits from many different things. All of these traits however are bent toward being as soul snatchingly terrifying, grotesquely comical or darkly beautiful as possible. A Demonic Doombringer has that notable air of malice to it either from homicidal intimidation or mischievous duplicity. Though it can be much more dour and resigned sort of creature that still does what it does, but as a duty it takes no pleasure in. Looks like it came out of Hell and capable of dragging others back with it. Has heavy emphasis on symbolism and occult aspects.


Relentless Cyborg - More than machine, faster than flesh, a Relentless Cyborg is a Kaiju that is both organic and mechanical but only in portions. Can a be creature that simply uses it's mechanical weapons out of necessity and training or can be AI controlled vessel of its master's will. Have a tendency to come back with 'upgrades' if they fail once before.


Fantastical Energy Entity - A Kaiju made entirely or almost entirely from a sort of energy. This can be elemental or some other substance that can't be considered really 'material'. Like a creature made from light, sound, gravitational warpage of space or even raw radiation. Tends to use extensions of 'itself' as weapons and comes in a variety of forms. Many of them resembling abstract art or more unusual inorganic shapes.


Supernatural Beast - Differing from the Mythological Marauder in that this covers any sort of Kaiju that can be considered a sort of mammal with powers, rather than one iconic to a specific culture. So while something akin to Cerberus might be a 'MM', a man-bear-pig kaiju that can shoot lasers from its eyes would be an 'SB". A Supernatural Beast tends to be very primal in its actions and motivations. Can be protective but savage and leery of the modern world except as a hunting ground.


Digital Destroyer - The Digital Destroyer is a Kaiju that draws its roots from technology, data and cyberspace. It can be just as dangerous in the depths of the Internet or in someone's power grid as it can be materialized into the surrounding city. It is that 'one boss' made real and it tends to either seek control over some aspect of civilization or it's outright deconstruction. Can be conceptualized from almost anything but has a heavy scifi flavor to it. Drawing it out might be only the first step in confronting it.




Atomic Fallout - Either hit or caught in the wake of nuclear bombs or nuclear radiation.

A Ritualistic Summoning to this Plane of Existence - funny circles + chanting = monster.

Genetic/molecular alteration - grown in a test tube or changed at a fundamental level, for science.

Hailing from an Alternate Dimension - Existed in a world similar but different than ours, decided to visit.

A Scientific Experiment gone horribly wrong - FOR SCIENCE.

Mutation after awakening from your prehistoric slumber - was a sleeping giant, now it's angry.

Creation by an Ancient, Mysterious Civilization - Their empire is long gone, but the monster remains.

Extraterrestrial Origins - Flying saucers and shit. May not want to phone home.

A Chemical Accident - The birth of the Joker, but with a Kaiju instead of a clown.

Alien Experimentation -Flying saucers and shit, now with probing.

Apocalyptic Devastation - Whatever ended the world, it survived it. Or caused it.

Reanimation From Death - It was dead, but now it's something else...

Result of a Curse - Some folks can't catch a break, this thing does the breaking.

Sold Soul to a Supernatural Entity - "Sure I'll save Kenny, you just got do a little 'remodeling' for me."

Conjured from Dreams - Not all dreams end when you wake up, sometimes they are just beginning.

Infected by Mysterious Viral Agent - An infection is spreading, this colossus may be the first of many.

Discovered in Lost World - Shielded from time and exposed by the world, an ancient creature stirs.

Ancient force of Prophecy - Spoken in forgotten texts, shrouded in cryptic prayers, it appeared.

Result of Collective Consciousness - A merger of minds and bodies, it already has the majority vote.

Magical Spell Gone Awry - Never trust a wizard to make anything ordinary, even if it is on time.


Offensive Ability:


Projectile Venom - Kaiju 'fires' a volley of poison.

Sonic Scream - A roar so loud it causes shockwaves and destroys buildings...and bones.

Venomous Bite - A bite can worse than a bark when it leaves a 'present' behind.

Ocular Energy Blast - Beauty would be the eye of the beholder....if beauty was ash.

Razor-Sharp Claw/Appendages - These talons were made for cutting, and that's just what they'll do.

Melee Combat Adeptness - Extremely good at trained or natural MMA fighting.

Pyschic Blast - Brain to Brain combat, includes energy projection and telekinesis.

Breath Weapon (Acid) - Melt your foes by breathing on them.

Breath Weapon (Heat/Fire) - Burn baby burn~

Breath Weapon (Cold/Freezing) - More ice than a jewelry store.

Breath Weapon (Electricity) - Shock and Awe.

Magic Spells - Uses arcane knowledge to bend reality to their will.

Element Manipulation -Calls on the core alchemical forces of nature to attack.

Weapons Master - Whether a rock or a railgun, the Kaiju can turn anything into a weapon and use it well.

Combat Arsenal - Loaded with a large number of versatile tools, weapons and items to aid it.

Parasitic Offspring - To this Kaiju, any creature is a future host.

Hurricane Force Winds - This Kaiju will rock a ship in a maelstrom.

Hypnosis/Mind Control - Mental domination for various ends.

Vacuum Creation - Can create a massive sucking vortex, either to itself or the depths of space.

Temporarily Stop/Slow Time - ZA WARUDO! Toki yo tomare! KURAE! MUDAMUDAMUDA~


Secondary Ability:


Abrasive/Thorny Hide - The Kaiju is covered in sharp quills/spines/or spikes.

Energy Absorption and Redirection - Certain or all types or energy can be safely consumed by the Kaiju and used by it for various ends.


Enhanced Strength - The Kaiju is much stronger than average. Performing Herculean feats.


High Intelligence - The Kaiju is much smarter than average. Is likely sentient if not sapient.


Enhanced Agility/Speed - The Kaiju is much faster than average and dexteritous.


High Speed Regeneration - The Kaiju heals injuries so quickly they disappear in seconds, can reattach or regrow entire limbs or sections of their body.


Radioactive Aura - The Kaiju has a palpable if not visible field of radiation or energy that makes direct contact dangerous.


Reactive Adaption/Evolution - The Kaiju develops new features or forms when exposed to danger or something it wishes to mimic or assimilate.


Water-Breathing - The Kaiju has the ability to breath any kind of water, even diving to abyssal depths without fear.


Chameleon-Like Invisibility - The Kaiju can turn invisible by bending light around it or by making its body match its surroundings. Might have a slight glimmering outline.


Toxic Skin/Harmful Tissue - The skin, flesh or blood of the Kaiju is poisonous or caustic to touch.


Survive in Space - The Kaiju can survive in the depths of space, not requiring air or conventional food sources to live. Can also handle extremes in temperature and radiation similar to those found in space.


Minion Creation - The Kaiju can create or call upon a personal army of creatures loyal to it that are smaller than it is by a good margin. These minions are utterly loyal and tenacious.


Super Jump - The Kaiju can clear buildings in a single bound and leap great distances many times it's body length.


Burrowing - The Kaiju can speedily tunnel into and through the ground. The Kaiju has features that allow it to comfortably survive deep underground.


Shapeshifting - The Kaiju can change its form into something else and back again. It may also change only parts of itself.


Teleportation - The Kaiju can disappear and reappear across any distance it can perceive or recall near instantly.


Levitation - The Kaiju can through various means, gently float above the ground or can hover without the aid of flight.


Terraforming - The Kaiju can through methods specific to it, change the terrain to suit itself or into an environment drastically different than what it was.


Enhanced senses - The Kaiju has highly tuned or superior senses. Seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing, or even tasting better than others. It may also have heightened reflexes  or a near precognitive awareness of its environment.


Achilles Heel:


Knockout Gas - Vulnerable to tranquilizing or incapacitating vapors and drugs.

Sunlight - Vulnerable to UV Radiation from the Sun and other sources.

Music - Vulnerable to the sound of performance arts, entertainment, or a specific tune.

Magic - Vulnerable to arcane forces and powers.

Extreme Heat - Vulnerable to molten lava, boiling water, scalding air, or fire.

Extreme Cold - Vulnerable to ice, being freezing temperature or liquid nitrogen

MASER Cannons - Vulnerable to the electric laser fire of a MASER turret.

Electromagentic Fields - Vulnerable to EMP's or magnetic forces.

Love - Vulnerable to romantic or compassion dependence on others, OR being exposed to such.

Chemical Sensitivity - Vulnerable to certain chemical/allergic reactions that induce illness or death.

Electricity - Vulnerable to direct voltage, lightning and electric shocks.

High-Frequency Sound - Vulnerable to intense high pitched sound waves.

Critical Singular Weakpoint - Vulnerable to a particular part of its body being targeted.

Certain Metal Alloys - Vulnerable to being exposed or harmed by certain metals

Faith/Disbelief - Vulnerable to either exposure to religious symbols or loss of devotion toward itself.

Venom/Disease/Virus - Vulnerable to certain types of poisonous, bacterial or malignant agents

Alchohol - Vulnerable to being exposed or ingesting alchohol or otherwise being easily intoxicated.

Freshwater/Sea Water -Vulnerable to exposure or immersion in water.

More Radiation - Vulnerable to exposure or overloading from too much radiation.

Total Disintegration - Vulnerable only to complete and utter annihilation.




BABIES - Desires to create offspring or make others do so.

Destruction and Carnage - Desires to destroy and terrorize.

Battling Other Monsters - Desires to fight and battle creatures like it.

Defending your perceived territory - Desires to protect and maintain a personal habitat or feeding ground.

Protecting Mother Earth - Desires to protect and maintain the entire planet it lives on.

Eradication of the Human Race - Desires to drive the Human Race to extinction.

Hunger - Desires only to satisfy its own appetite.

Absorbing Atomic Energy Sources - Desires to devour or absorb sources of nuclear radiation.

To be left alone - Desires to live in isolation away from civilization or other monsters.

Protecting Children - Desires to safeguard the lives of all adolescent youth.

Take Over the World - Desires to conquer civilization or the planet.

Destroy the World - Desires to reduce the planet to a barren husk.

Searching for Purpose - Desires to find a meaning to its existence.

Protecting Your Birth Nation/Patriotism - Desires to defend its country of origin.

Become the Ultimate Lifeform/Perfection - Desires to become the strongest living thing possible.

Instinct/Prime Directives - Desires to obey and act upon its own primal nature of coded mission.

Belief in a Higher Power - Desires to spread awareness or act on the behalf  of something greater than itself.

Trolling - Desires to do things 'for the lulz', heckle acceptable targets and play pranks on others.

Revenge - Desires to seek retribution upon a particular person, place or thing.

Delusions of Godhood - Desires to be seen and worshipped by all other living things.


First Location You Attack:


Delhi, India - Mid Asia

Pyongyang, NK -East Asia

Seoul, SK - East Asia

Osaka, Japan - North Pacific

San Francisco, USA - North West Coast N.America

Rio de Janiro, Brazil - Central S.America

Isolated Ocean Island Nation, Ocean - Central Pacific

Cairo Egypt -North Africa/Middle East

Tokyo Japan - North Pacific

Sydney Australia - South Pacific

Athens, Greece - Mediterranean

Vancouver, Canada - North West N. America

New York, USA - East Coast N. America

Rome, Italy - Mediterranean

London, England - North Atlantic

Paris, France - Central Europe

Moscow, Russia - North Eastern Europe

Beijin, China - Central Asia

Berlin, Germany - Eastern Europe

Los Angeles, USA - South West Coast N. America


Resistance to heavy artillery/conventional weaponry:


Living Target - Kaiju is a bullet/missile magnet. Could be reasonably felled by small arms fire alone.

Squishy - Kaiju has a sensitive and thin hide but can take a hit or two.

Low - Kaiju does not have natural armor but can survive an encounter.

Below Average - Kaiju has subpar natural defenses, but is now protected from small arms fire.

Moderate - Kaiju has standard monster defenses, requires military grade rifles to injure.

Above Average - Kaiju has unusually thick hide. requires grenades and rockets to injure.

Tough - Kaiju is strong enough to endure light artillery and struggles through stronger stuff.

Elusive - Kaiju is fast/agile and hard to hit by anything that isn't a heat seeking/smart missile.

Clever Girl - Kaiju is cunning to the point that it outmaneuvers most standard military assaults.

Resilient - Kaiju can wade through moderate artillery and tank fire.

High - Kaiju requires heavy artillery to injure.

Strong - Kaiju wades through bunker busters and missiles with purpose.

Dreadnaught - Kaiju soldiers through all but the most relentless assaults and bomb deployments

Unfazed - Kaiju flatly ignores conventional weaponry and barely notices all but the largest bombs.

Unstoppable - Kaiju could take a full military bombardment and walk away, even chemical weapons only slow it down.

Near Indestructible - Kaiju is on level that makes even nuclear bombardment and anti Kaiju weaponry seem useless.

Juggernaut - Kaiju is a physical god, it goes where it pleases.

Impervious - Kaiju's defenses are such that it treats military assaults and anti Kaiju weaponry like it was rainwater.

Reflective - Kaiju outright bounces back or returns ranged attacks made against it with wry amusement.

Intangible - Kaiju doesn't even register attacks by non Kaiju. It exists on an entirely different dimension from its peers. Military can't even understand HOW it's doing what it's doing.


Here are the rules:


1. To enter you must note me your username used for your kaiju and the dice results you rolled in its name. If you rolled for up to five different usernames, then you must submit all of them. Preferably as screenshots so I know you didn't fudge them. You can only pick one set of results to keep and use. You cannot mix and match scores from different results if you have them.


2. After the first deadline I will release a key for the 160 traits. Each contestant uses this key to find out what kaiju they'll be working with based on the results. The contestants will then create their entry and submit it via note once more with a link to it. Once the key is released, no more entrants will be accepted. Submissions will be accepted until the deadline.


3. The submitted kaiju must be an original creation. It must have no ties to existing copyrighted works, universes or franchises. That means nothing from the Godzillaverse or the Gameraverse or that it came from Skull Island, etc.


4. The submission must include Name, Type of Monster, Origin, Offensive Ability, Secondary Ability, Weakness, Artillery resistance, Motivation, Location of First attack, and a Bio or back story. If it is not visually depicted than it must have a detailed Description of what it looks like and heavier emphasis on the Bio. The submission can be in color or B&W though if it is in B&W then and description of its colors would be nice.


5. The username used for the results must be in some way used for the kaiju submitted. I don't mind if you use your real name but then it must be given. In either case the username for the entry is either used straight or adapted.


Some helpful guidelines from the last contest:


*there is no size limit on your monster. Though if your results say 'colossal arachnid' I'd rather not see him only the size of a bus. Foot Ball stadium is a good point of reference for colossal.*


*You can display your monster however you want. Reference sheet, full illustration, comic page, profile data, all of them are great. In fact a good way to score some creativity points is by altering the way you present him. A wanted poster for instance would be freaking hilarious, as would a billboard or blimp display. Better yet, having them trashing said blimp. If you want to show a story event go right ahead.*


*Scope out your competition and see what they are doing. Do the opposite. I'd really rather not have a bunch of squids or fifty tarantulas simply because your entry said colossal arachnid or gargantuan cephalopod. There is more than one species of whatever in any given family of animal. I'd suggest you do a little research find out all the possible routes you can take. Even better if you create something completely new but still adhere to the scientific classification. Arachnids for instance having eight legs, eight eyes, and a carapace. Judging by the origins of your monster, you may not have to deal with nature at all.*


*Finally have fun with it. This isn't the end all be all art championships. Don't feel you have to make your monster the most badass thing in the universe because I don't care about that. It's actually better if you try to avoid making a 'Goji-sue' out of your monster. Think of it like a pet project that you want to do simply because it's fun and it will give you and your friends something to talk about. This monster is more or less YOU so don't feel like you have over embellish it to death. This contest is not a death game stadium. This is more of a test of your creativity than it is a death battle.*


Finally here is what I'm offering for prizes, all drawn by me:


1. 1st place get's a full color illustration of their entry either destroying something of the winner's choice by itself or fighting another monster of the winner's choice.


2. 2nd place get's a B&W full body illustration (background included) of their entry fighting a kaiju from an established franchise/universe (Toho, Daiei, Pacific Rim, Ultraman, etc).


3. 3rd place get's a B&W full body drawing of their entry.


Runners up and all participants will be included in a special surprise gift art.



The Due Date for the entries is May 1st. The key will be submitted on May 2nd. The submissions will due by June 1st. There is a possibility for an extension on the submission period but I'm sure a month is pretty generous. Once the Dead Line is reached I will round up willing volunteers for judges and score the entries. Winners will be decided  soon after. After which I will be working on the prize art.


With that I wish all entrants good luck and happy monster crafting.



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New Touhou Update:
New mainline Touhou game coming out, this time with Reisen as a playable character. Its called "Legacy of the Lunatic Kingdom" which implies some more moon related shanigans hopefully the two princesses are bosses, or maybe even Tsukiyomi himself (or HERself, this is Touhou afterall)

inb4 fan outcry for Mima.
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