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I'm a aspiring artist from Washington that specializes in traditional drawings and digital coloring and effects. I've had semi-professional experience with tattoo, graphic design and illustration with some basic knowledge of commission work.

A lot of what I do centers around classic fantasy, mythology, giant monster related science fiction (kaiju) and critters of all kinds.

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- Salaruis Wins: -various edits and future campaigns- *ongoing*

- Raifu: *status pending*

- DCOFL: 'compiled narrative and synopsis conclusion' *in progress*

- Berserk Vs Shonen AU *in progress - Day One*

Salaruis Wins is a cross fictional, multiversal, satirical collab project between me and SirKaijuOfVaudeville.

You can check it out here:

Before I begin I have my personal thoughts and commentary for everyone who participated in this second iteration of my old contest. Because this is an art site and everyone needs feedback so at the very least, everyone gets that. So here are my thoughts if you will on everyone's entry.

Haze Ajoans: Our first entry was a great starting point in terms of familiarity and bringing everything that the contest is about. Colorful, well rendered and carrying a certain amount of authentic grace Haze Ajoans is a solid submission that also has some humorous character and personality that builds on our impression of cephalopod animals being quite intelligent; some would say disturbingly so. The giant tentacle monster is something we've seen near the very beginning of Giant Monster history with 'It Came From Beneath the Sea' and sporadically since then. However I can't recall any of those stories making real use of the such the source animal's intelligence...until now. Haze Ajoans gives us what we should have had in a Gargantuan Cephalopod all along, an intellectual and perhaps even mischievous creature distorted into a horrifying foe. While Haze Ajoans fills in the long vacant blank, it doesn't move that far away from the source either. It can be somewhat difficult to innovate the classic form of squid, octopus or cuttlefish but for a creature with Reactive Evolution it could stand to have a wider variety of features beyond its longest tentacles having enlarged claws. Despite this, the kaiju is very charming even if it could pass for a living branch of the squid family. The subtle changes fit something altered by chemicals so I can't fault it too much. To me Haze Ajoans fits in a much later period than it's fellow tentacle monsters, in particular that lovely period when the Scifi channel weren't simply shoveling Asylum shlock for the sake of it. It's a classic scifi story but with a modern twist and has a certain self awareness to it. The bio reads almost like the recap a returning character would give to the viewers in the sequel. So a simple but effective kaiju that serves as something of a baseline.


Sur's Kaiju of Vaudeville: ...where do I begin with this one. First off this without a doubt has the longest and most in depth narrative bio in the entire contest. With plenty of research and fact checking to build the reader's immersion into the two point perspective story. Starting out as a murder mystery and gradually ramping up to full scale giant monster centric conflict and finally ending on a twist that would make M Night Shyamalan question his life choices. Throughout all of this the narrative pieces together everything from the traits and weaves it together to make a creature as powerful as it is horrifying. Reaching every scale of interaction from boogie man to personal demon to city leveling colossus. It's obvious this took quite a bit of effort and personal love to put out and it shows. The image itself is solid as well, looking like a shot from a news camera and showing kaiju as well as its first major attack location. It successfully takes reptilian monstrosity to places it hasn't gone before and uses it's abilities to logical extremes they can be taken. Both human element and kaiju element are balanced and developed which has always been one of my stickier issues with the genre. It could stand to be more three dimensional  as while distance is shown scale is still difficult to define in the image, in the same way a Super Mario 3 stage is built with three planes of reference rather than one plane with depth. That said, it achieves what it sets out to do and goes beyond the standard to do so. 'K' is a kaiju that stems from early millennium films. It shares a lot of things thematically with films like 'Cloverfield' and 'The Host'. 'K' reintroduces us to the concept of a giant monster but also pushes the boundaries of what that means to humanity and how it is presented. There are also a lot of meme and cultural references littered throughout the narrative which can add to the enjoyment.


A'Kity'Mh: The second Shapeless Blob in the contest, A'Kity'Mh is not what you'd think at first glance. Visually it's a Nickelodeon goo monster sloshing through downtown Genericton. Narratively it's a reanimated time capsule that contemplates it's navel enough to seek a higher existence, questions mankind in regards to such an existence, is disappointed by man's lack of answers and continues its journey. I think there were missed opportunities with both major elements here. A creature made of millions of rotting bodies in the ground that gained sapience and eventually sentience could stand to have much more variance, perhaps even traumatizing resemblance to all of those that make up its existence. Considering how Asian countries feel about their dead, that's a HUGE aspect to play with. It's offensive and secondary abilities could have really brought that theme home in both how it could attack and how it could be pacified. The country in question is also a viable lynch pin in this scenario as North Korea is a country that treats its leader as what amounts to being a god head.  There is so much possibility there for interaction with both an theist kaiju and a cult of personality. So, a missed opportunity there. The premise is very novel and has many potential tools for a powerful dynamic, a kaiju that is not so much serving a greater existence but actively searching for one. It's also strangely pacifistic for a creature of its type. I think A'Kity'Mh exists in that time period of the 1940's, where the fantastical simply happened because man was either careless of oblivious and still had many questions about his place in the world and if he was strong enough to hold it. Much how the kaiju questions its own existence and whether there is something that can provide meaning for it. It's not quite at that point where man solidly comes up with a definitive answer for his 'mistakes' but rather those thought provoking films that took measure of a person's ideals rather than the measure of his gun. I just wish this entry explored that potential more.


Riftwitch: This one was a treat and a half, being something very unique by the conventions of the genre while running on some very heavy nostalgia fuel. While Fantastical Energy Beings tend to be of the more abstract sort, this one is chillingly familiar but at the same time still very alien, fitting its origins. While not one for personally sorted and massive property damage, it makes up for it in 'people damage'. It's a very intimate monster, effectively brainwashing people with a single snapping bit of contact. Taking the once redundant Venomous Bite to wonderful heights of strange. The people themselves inflict the destruction by committing mass arson with their fanatical dancing. That the kaiju could only be defeated by music and that this was taken very literally in an entertaining fashion was a creative cheery atop an already creative entry. It is by far one of the most unique kaiju submitted in the contest. But you're wondering then, where does the nostalgia fuel come from if this kaiju is so unique? Well that's because this kaiju breathes and bleeds the 90's and that it's story can be summed up as the grandest of Rock Offs. It creates a mutual duality of purpose for both monster and human element and in the end both were as significant as the other with human spirit overcoming a formidable entity that conventional forms of violence have no purchase upon. Among other kaiju in the contest the Riftwitch is one that has a lot of personality. I mention the 90's not in the vein of the Heisei era or the like but that wonderful era of western horror where all sorts of weird creepy but very animated critters came from. The Riftwitch is much like a love letter to that period in the form of a kaiju story. The only thing I'd add is that the Riftwitch actually introduce itself a bit more beyond the ominous ritual that summons it to our world via namedrop. It strikes as a character that would  revel in its own rhythm and want others to know it's personal magnetism more personally. Though there is something to be said for keeping an element of mystery and aloofness to the Riftwitch which is something many kaiju possess that 90's horror critters tend not to because they don't have the luxury of just walking over their victims.


Shadyserpent269: One of the four bio only entries, Shady is introduced to us only through written word and thus as with all entries of this sort, it's important to properly describe and introduce us to this kaiju in a way we can visualize . Out of the four Shady was about in the middle far as descriptive text. Detailed but concise. The story of Shady is similar in vein to the story of Biollante in that man tries to solve one of its longest lasting consequences: nuclear waste. Only for the solution itself to be twisted by unfortunate circumstance and become an even greater immediate threat. Unlike Biollante, Shady is the ENB itself in this case, becoming a more immediate danger when the very thing it is meant to clean up after is accidentally dropped on it. Also unlike Biollante, the creator of this monster comes forward and actually aids authorities in stopping it, knowing it's particular weakness and taking responsibility for it. This is remarkable departure from other such figures who either stubbornly insist they are upholding some scientific ideal or are so ashamed of what they have created that they basically shove their heads in the sand over their personal failure. Anthony differs as he is not simply erasing his mistake or defiantly insisting it can still be salvaged but effectively giving the military the tools it needs to more or less euthanize a creature he has come to care for. The Old Yeller moment by proxy. Shady himself is a very intriguing kaiju, a serpentine cyborg that can fly and burrow, a rarity. Using the vents as both flight propulsion and offensive hurricane generator is a very neat concept. It's motive is a peculiar take on the 'take over the world' agenda, dominating mankind's cities so as to prove itself strong enough to protect the humans that made it, unaware that it is causing calamitous damage to the very people it is attempting to 'protect'. This will be a motivation we'll encounter later on in another entry but in this case it's one created in an attempt to fulfill a function that was given to it someone with authority and altruistic motivation. I referenced Biollante earlier in particular because these are themes that consistently run through the Heisei Godzilla series in the 90's. In that mankind routinely makes a more dangerous threat in its attempt to solve another or basically create a monster in attempting to make a positive change. This sort of 'advancement through ignorance is the same as willful destruction' sentiment is a hallmark of Atomic Horror and is a fundamental aspect of the kaiju genre. I think Shady hit this particular thread very well, I also like how we are given the thought process of both Shady and his creator, showing a good balance between the two in the story. All and all an effective entry.


Dinovenator - One of the earliest entries, this kaiju made a big wave and set a sizable bench mark when it landed. The Dinovenator as it is scientifically named in the story is very much a horror monster. It's build up is steady and consistent and even in the end what it is for certain is still something of a mystery. It's also remarkable for being a Mythical Marauder, one of the new monster types for this contest. Though at first you don't recognize that the creature is a Nue, a sort of Japanese Yokai that has the body of a Tanuki(raccoon dog) legs of a tiger, head of a monkey, and the tail of a snake. It was said to be able to cause lightning storms, fly and induce nightmares from its appearance alone. It's been thought by some that the Nue's chimeric appearance is actually its ability to appear as either a more nightmarish version of itself or reflect the viewer's own fears against them. It's also one of the few Yokai said to have a physical body and is rumored to be buried near a river in Japan after it was shot down with an arrow. Dinovenator basically takes the Nue and makes it a fearsome giant cryptid as the narrator of the story finds out for himself upon provoking it by trying to study the remains of its species and luring it back home with him, the creature haunting and terrorizing anyone associated with the expedition. Monster and man are almost equally matched in this story, the professor trying to overcome the Dinovenator's afflicted madness and fear with scientific logic and willpower. The story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and we never read the result of the Professor's last stand but all the while the Dinovenator has made it abundantly clear that it is a monster in every sense of the word. The design excellent and the material is used well. One thing I would have liked to have clarified a bit is how much of a threat this creature could be outside of its rather narrow focus. It has little trouble disposing of would be hunters or local police but it's focus is so specific that it leaves us wondering how much of an impact it would make in a major population center. Casting a slight shadow on its Kaijuness a bit. It's targeting method and how it terrorizes its prey make it a very horror themed monster. In a way similar to many creatures created by Stephen King, especially with the incorporation of mist, psychological attacks, and ferocious brute force on the unwary. If the final confrontation had happened in Maine that would have cinched it. Out of all the kaiju in the contest this one was the most focused on horror and did so very well within that niche.


Dea'Po Ol'Rus - I think DP'Rus's entry is a good example of min/maxing in a submission. First thing you see is this hovering colossus, 370 meters tall with a building silhouette to match just so you understand how massive this thing is. It's got lightning lancing off its skin and explosions running through its veins. It's body is a razor field of limbs and claws with a central head, vaguely crustacean like but not specific to any earthly species. It exudes foreboding power and gives a sense of solidness despite all the elemental fury boiling in it and sparking out of it. Depth, size and scale with a good use of color values to make the eye wander, the Dea'Po Ol'Rus is a marvelous spectacle artistically. The bio though is surprisingly thread bare. The narrative reads more like an epitaph and from someone that only knows most of the beginning, some of the middle and the aftermath of the creature's rampage. For a creature that has been around and even inactive for a number of years in full view of the public it's very strange that it's name is never mentioned or dropped. It's power is made clear when it activates and pretty much wipes California off the map and it's weakness is the only thing that gets a clear reaction out of it, which is impressive for a creature that is near indestructable. However the reader if left to guess that it simply floating over an area causes it to burst into flame or explode as that is the only action that is recorded when it's not actually 'angry'. The one clue the reader is given is that it makes a sound like a revving care engine while flaming disaster movie pours from every pore. Giving this image of what amounts to a dragster in the shape of a monster doing sick nuclear burnouts across America that just happen to wipe out major cities. And imagery that would have been awesome, had the reader not been left to decide it for themselves. The creature is only defeated by having exhausted itself, leaving it dormant once again as the nation struggles to recover and hope to create a counter measure for when it awakens again. With many other entries having this sort of 'recap' narrative and having had much more character in them, Dea'Po Ol'rus's story feels almost unfinished or at least unexplored  for all the time that is said to pass within the kaiju's period of activity. Speaking of character the kaiju itself and its motivations are heavily obscured. A lot of us know the comparison between kaiju and natural disasters. This one seems to take that metaphor literally as the kaiju is more like an event. It's personality more of a vague abstraction of the damage it causes which in itself is never really described except in terms of absoluteness. Only when it's interrupted, something that natural disasters generally don't have to deal with, does it finally exude something resembling character and turns temperamental in the extreme. But even then it's like a given foot note. Delivered with the same expectation as hitting a hornet's nest with a rock. It's origins have some build up to them but the connection is left half finished as it's only connection is that the strange viral substance found at both locations. Leading the reader to think that the entity has been plotting this for some time, perhaps even studying us in an extremely intimate way before finally building itself a form suitable for war, gathering enough energy for mobilization and proceeding with the domination part of the plan. This is never elaborated on. So the entry uses the material and visually impresses us with it but only seems to make token gestures with said material, even omitting the name entirely. It felt like it had a story to tell but didn't really get past the surface of it. Dea'Po Ol'Rus is more of an event than a creature and more of a unnatural phenomenon then a kaiju. Somewhat in the style of early Millenium disaster films but without anyone to empathize or experience it alongside as it's all past tense and reads like a frank obituary which undercuts much of the thunderous ruin the kaiju caused.


Ravenfire - If someone had told me that the La Carcagne, aka the Giant Claw would make it into the contest I wouldn't have believed you. But Ravenfire is basically a better designed, environmentally minded reincarnation of La Carcagne. Ravenfire is certainly more colorful and having a tail and notable wing claws as well as the strange collar suggest visually that she's from an Ancient civilization. Most of the material is used though Ravenfire's story is one where the kaiju is not beaten. Her weakness is never utilized even as a deterrent. That said, Ravenfire is a solid character with a clear use of her given motivation. She knows she's something that is worshipped and respected and after awakening seeks to rectify what she sees as destruction and mutilation of her territory. What's also fascinating is that her secondary ability, the power to terraform and environment, actually becomes something of a primary weapon and one that is used in a very creative way. Ravenfire breaths a mist that changes the ATMOSPHERE to one where she can more easily breath but suffocate everyone else. Much like how air is thinner at higher altitudes. She is also a wily and powerful combatant that tears the military apart at every turn, leveling buildings intentionally. Her story is a nice run down of a monster rampage with a solid use of material -except- the weakness. Even if the military had little practical application of freezing her, for a flying creature it's notable that higher elevations, particularly the Mesosphere, are the coldest place on earth. Even the Stratosphere at the start can reach somewhere around -60. It's not that much of a reach that Ravenfire could have been lured into the stratosphere where such temperatures exist and that this could be discovered by Ravenfire not chasing planes up that high. It's a missed opportunity to fully flesh out the kaiju which still could have resulted in the kaiju's eventual victory rather than a withdrawal phase for both parties. Artwise Ravenfire makes a pretty good use of color and I like the balance of the image quite a bit. Though the lighting could be a bit better implemented being that fire is a warm light source and there is a lot of it. Could have really given Ravenfire an even more dominant impression with the upward light source of rising flames to fully get the impression of primeval deity. I mention La Carcagne again since Ravenfire really fits into that period of monster history. A wide ranging ancient threat whose crime is simply being incompatible with modern civilization and causes wide spread devastation until stopped. Only in this case Ravenfire is not so much stopped as she is forced to withdraw and recover while the rest of the world sits around twiddling their thumbs helplessly. So, a lot of potential that is about a 3/4th of the way met.


Sc'Tha -  The first entry in the contest, Sc'Tha is short and sweet in its execution. The visuals are one profile shot and a collection of photos, hinting at how the creature moves, attacks and even feeds. It's disarmingly simple in appearance but once it opens its reveals how strange it truly is. Being the product of a child's dreams with a fantastical origin that is grumped over for laughs, Sc'Tha's narrative plays out like a MST3K parody of The Beast from 20000 Fathoms mixed with Godzilla's Revenge. Our narrator has a wonderful level of sarcasm in describing the events of this kaiju's rampage and it finally dies by making the child imagine the beast opening its mouth and getting a missile shot down it's throat. Even then, it seems only it's material body has been destroyed. The kaiju's name is not dropped but everything else is used in a concise manner and it's delivered in an entertaining way. This entry has a good mix of tropes from the genre, including 'The Kenny' who does something important and has an relationship with the monster but it's not laughable and doesn't overstay it's welcome, being that it's a slightly more antagonistic sort of relationship. If the kid named the kaiju that used his dreams to invade the waking world, the entry would have been entirely solid; which is the only real thing I would amend in the entry.


GK-91 - This entry is a good example of taking your typical player tag (mix of numbers and letters) and building something off of it. In this case, a scientific miracle of production turned into city sized disaster. Notably the only Towering Botanical Nightmare in the contest, GK-91 describes what I can only define as the love child of Swamp Thing and Bellsprout. Much of the attention is spent on the perspective of GK-91's creator who is more of the well intentioned scientist type than the 'mad' scientist type. It's something of a crime drama like scenario with two agents interrogating the scientist and that gives the entry a bit of a unique flavor from a narrative stand point. Ultimately we are given a solid description of the kaiju, what it's doing, somewhat of a real time experience of what it's capable of and how it's Achilles heel can be utilized. The sort of  corporate mishap resulting in biological abomination with mostly ethical scientific figures is something I find a lot in common with the animated Godzilla the Series. In that many natural creatures become kaiju either through the fall out of technological progress/misplacement and ignorance of its consequences. In the same turn, being solved by  technology once more information has been gleaned. GK-91 fits into that niche rather well. Sort of a very late 90's last hurrah for the concept of huge colossi demolishing your city.


Aika - For this kaiju, I was able to get a good visualization. What amounts to an eyeless Cerberus covered in scales. What's interesting about Aika is that the entry went for a very paint by numbers approach to the kaiju, laying everything out verbatim both for easy access and accounting for all material being used. Rather important for a text only entry. Unlike the other text only entries Aika gives us it's narrative via proxy. Referenced from all the other sections but primarily in its motivation, location of first attack and origin. While the kaiju used a contemporary source for a myth, Aika spins it in such way that it is entirely unique and the myth only acts as a point of reference for the kaiju and its place in the world as a whole. Still, that the making of a bio is scattered throughout the component parts instead of given at least a small concise narrative is limiting for a text only entry. Easy to access but hard to fully immerse. It has a very strong hook though, in that it's a monster that while initially misunderstood ultimately is saving the world by fighting other monsters, in this case its own resurrected kin. In that way Aika is akin to the 90's Gamera films. Actively trying to avoid destroying cities and killing people but sometimes causing unavoidable collateral damage just by doing what needs to be done and being relentless in doing so. It's even stopped by the military's interference when it tries to fight its chosen foe!


The Kaiju Master - Something that looks like it walked off the set of Pacific Rim, TKM is the sole Demonic Doombringer for the contest. It likewise carries that sort of 'large yet articulate' body with heavy tones of blue bioluminescence  and natural weaponry. Unlike the Kaiju from Pacific Rim, TKM is from space and is more than a match for the military of South Korea. What's interesting about this entry is the global political conflict that ensues from just discovering the inanimate remains of the kaiju. It's only after the conflict reaches a fever pitch does the beast awaken, hungry, and begins laying waste to civilization, virtually unopposed. It's secondary ability also comes into play in an offensive capacity, using the sheer force of its landing to send entire streets tumbling to the ground. It has an appetite for destruction in more ways than one. It actively seeks humans to devour, like you would M&M's. It balances being a threat to a country with being a more intimate threat to the population. While it's character is demonic I think the design doesn't quite find that balance between its Type and its Origin. Favoring the Origin from a visual standpoint. Demons are creatures heavily lauded with symbolism and there admittedly isn't that much symbolism one way or another with TKM. It's a solid and well rendered design that looks like it came from space, but it doesn't spin it's impression beyond foreign killing machine. That said both the narrative presentation and visual render are very solid and I like how some thought was put into the sort of complexity that something like a kaiju attack would bring to the international table. Especially in such a heated region.


AbsoluteWEAPON - This one...this one amused me greatly. It's not every day that I read about a kaiju that willingly commits suicide to spite its enemies with what amounts to 'Za Warudo' on the scale of a giant monster. That alone was worth noting. It's a rather interesting creature visually, something like a mix of Terror Bird, peacock and velociraptor. This makes the kaiju very streamlined and lithe but also not as intimidating as it could be. The very large head combined with the very small feet are getting close to SD proportions. However what it lacks in magnitude it makes up for in speed and attitude. It's motive is very apparent from the get go and becomes a character defining trait, taking every opportunity to kill as many human beings as possible. The 'report' describes a pretty resourceful military tackling a kaiju that for all intents and purposes is running on god mode. However, unlike some other kaiju in the contest this one establishes that it has limits and that everything from its specific weakness to the military's ingenuity to its own hatred of humanity proves instrumental in taking it down. Giving the entry a decisive beginning and end to the conflict. It also has a fitting stinger, which brings me to my analogy for this one. This creature is basically a more effective Zilla and hits that edge of the millennium spot where Godzilla 1998 is. It even has the stinger come in the form of a egg that is about to hatch into another creature of the same type. I wouldn't call it a raptorization style kaiju as it's neither a redesign nor a creature built on the pretense of 'realistic' macro anatomy, but has a lot of things in common with that style in that it focuses on length over height and speed over power. It does however fit the early millennium aesthetic of  sharp lanky monsters. Very entertaining entry.


 MHeHTES - The heaviest acronym in the contest, MHeHTES is a Shapeless Blob that realizes it's potential to assume any fluid shape it wishes to give us this alien, vindictive being. Being something like a vengeful, fluid ghost from outer space, MHeHTES gives us a concise narrative that covers a story that should be familiar to anyone whose studied up on the Showa Era, in particular Rodan and Gappa. These two kaiju have something in common with MHeHTES and that something is its need to protect its family and significant other above all else. Taking the weakness of 'Love' and taking it down a rational route gave an otherwise alien menace a final note of empathy and familiarity, one that is sometimes lost in the perception of the genre. It was even given the once very common Venomous Bite, and uses this in it's one showing against another kaiju to terrifying effect. The narrative is delivered in a sort of episodic synoptic fashion with each excerpt given a 'title'. Making it seem like a bit of a mini series of sorts broken into parts. Everything in the entry has an explanation save for one thing: it's name. Out of narrative the name is simply the contestant's username spelled backwards. In narrative there has no explanation save for slight bubbled pronunciation for our benefit. Even after MHeHTES's significant other half has the same sort of naming convention. Otherwise, a very solid entry.


 Ravensaurus Rex - I think this entry is the most amusing to me, though my first analogy for it was too modern then from where I feel the themes originate from now. If anyone is familiar with the original Robocop or the film Short Circuit you'll see where I'm going with this. I originally thought this one was akin to the 'Bayformers' films on the notion that this is a story about 'ruining a childhood'. But that's actually a broad stroke when really the narrative has more in common with the formerly mentioned films in that it touches on things that are originally meant for good potentially going off the wagon and becoming a force of destruction. The struggle of making new technology to solve modern problems only for that same technology to have unfortunate side effects when taken to their logical extremes. In the case of Ravensaurus Rex, the narrative adds kaiju elements to those themes in sort of a hilariously dark parody of Gamera. A child with a toy robot dinosaur finds a space rock with a strange rust like virus and brings it home, unaware that this virus attaches itself to all manner of metal and not only assimilates it but animates it. When the child is kidnapped, the now living toy gathers enough material to increase in size and rescue the child. If this was a Disney film the story would end right there, but this is a Kaiju story and naturally things aren't that simple. The toy has a very specific idea of what being a hero means, something straight out of Saturday morning TV. It 's desire to protect people is taken so literally that it begins interfering with the city's day to day routine under the idea that it is a champion of justice and that anyone that opposes it or tries to separate it from the child is a villain. It grows to kaiju size takes on avian elements with assimilated scrap metal and becomes a beam firing colossus that eventually forces military intervention, all of which fail to no avail. All the while the mechanical monstrosity is keeping the child a prisoner inside of its own body and pressing the few people still in the city to feed him. Eventually the commander of the main military unit fighting the creature comes in person to deal with the 'super hero' and lures him to a power plant where the electricity finally takes it down. In quite the twist the child, now traumatized, forces a sparking cable through the Ravensaurus Rex's eye socket and seems to put down his former friend turned captor. Then the stinger comes in and reveals that the virus has not only adapted to the situation but as a result of being defeated as gone full Sky.Net. It has to be the sole case where 'The Kenny' actually kills the Kaiju themselves as opposed to relying entirely on adults or another more benevolent monster. I'm a sucker for dark twists on the genre, this entry fills that desire greatly. All material used and accounted for, with perhaps the second to third longest bio in the contest, it made for a hell of a short story. Though the description, while thorough, is so compulsively detailed I found myself triple checking what I just read to make sure the image in my head was adding up correctly. For those that need it in layman's terms, it's a giant G1 Grimlock figure with a smelted, jawless, beak and comically small sheet panel wings. Along with claws, armor and working parts all taken from construction sites and cars. Such a elaborate and concise description is both a blessing and a curse as on one hand nearly every detail of this beast is accounted for which is important for a word only entry. On the other, it is so long the only section of the entry, laid out in organized sections like many original character sheets, that is larger than it is the story itself. Even so, this entry was one of my favorites in the contest for hitting many of the important notes in a kaiju story while also being a bit cheeky and self aware in the fun it was having.


Kaijuarthisor - This entry is woefully short, which is a shame since it has quite a bit going for it. Kaijuarthisor is the second Gargantuan Cephalopod in the contest and unlike the fairly animalistic design of Hayes Ajoans, Kaijuarthisor is built like a Godzilla Power Hour creation. Bipedal with large expressive eyes and exaggerated features in common with an ammonite. Truly a follower of the Helix Fossil. Like an episode of the Godzilla Power Hour, Kaijuarthisor appears as a result of 'shenanigans' and going on a rampage before leaving after a hour because it more or less 'ran out of juice' and folded. I find it hilarious that the creature that can cause Hurricane Force Winds had to stop it's rampage because it couldn't breathe outside the water for too long. I am happy to see that the rendering ability has greatly improved since the last time Kaijuart submitted a kaiju and its actively involved in city stomping so we have a visual clue that this creature is legit and huge. The bio is very bare bones though, wrapping itself up before it even really gets started. The weakness to electricity is also not addressed anywhere, that responsibility seems to have been given to secret stealth trait: asthma (note to self, include asthma as a weakness if I do this contest again). So despite the short of hiccup of a bio, the visual design is very charming.


Now for the scores:

SirK 38-34-32-36 = 140

DH 33-36-34-37 = 140

Gregole 32-38-32-34 = 136

Scatha 31-33-34-34 = 132

Ravensaurus 31-34-33-32 = 130

GodzillaKiryu 26-31-29-30 = 116

AbsoluteWeapon 25-30-30-29 = 114

Ravenfire 26-33-32-26 = 117

IronBloodAika 26-31-29-30 = 116

AkityMH 26-30-34-36 = 126

Kaijuarthsor 27-33-34-24 = 118

SethMHS 28-38-34-29 = 129

Haze 28-31-30-33 = 122

Shady 29-30-31-31 = 121

The Kaiju Master 29-30-31-31 = 121

Deadpoolrus 30-31-35-27 = 123

SirK X DH tie breaker: SirK

Winner: SirK
2nd: DH
3rd: Gregole

So to explain, the first time I did this contest I didn't get a tie for first place. This time around I did so I was put in the hot seat of trying to fulfill my responsibility as contest holder and do a tie breaker that was fair between two equal entries (score wise). At first I thought I'd decide it via dice rolls but that was notably the easy way out and devalued the effort that went into these entries by simply handing it off to the RNG (who is a fickle mistress let me tell you). Later I was told that perhaps a tie breaker category could be given and decided by a neutral judge. Well the most obvious judge that supposed to be neutral is me so there wasn't any sense in dragging another person into this and dragging it out even more. The category though, 'personalization' now that got me thinking. Basically it amounts to how much of yourself is in this monster. How much does your own character define it's own? It's in the name of the contest after all and ultimately what started it in the first place. To that end Sur's Kaiju of Vaudeville is very much the most personalized kaiju out of the two. Every nuance of the story and the monster itself is tailored to SirK's MO, to the point that people were actively expecting the twist because that's just something SirK would write. With Dinovenator, the very thing that made it such an effective horror monster also made it less personal. It's a temperamental mythical cryptid that takes predatory amusement in traumatizing academic types. It otherwise remains aloof and menacing beyond the grasp of our narrating professor. While this built up mystery and suspense, it didn't exude much character beyond being 'the monster'. Sur's Kaiju meanwhile ends up talking to US the reader and is revealed to have been talking to us all along. The effort put into that set up is huge and ultimately makes it a kaiju version of SirK. I should also mention that Riftwitch despite having a shorter story is likewise a very personalized monster and was knocked out of the top two due to numbers. Runner up was Sc'Tha who hit that sassy nostalgia button hard enough wake everyone up and ultimately left a lasting impression throughout the contest.

Now remember, just because the winners have been decided doesn't mean that it's over for everyone. I'd say that 'everyone is a winner' and that would be very droll but in this case it's true. Because everyone that did not place will now have their monster featured in a group pic battle royale along with what is likely the ensuing setup for said battle. So everyone can look forward to the ensuing carnage. The place takers meanwhile will have to note me particulars for their prizes, especially 1st and 2nd since those are very open choice wise. That all said, I would like to thank EVERYONE for taking their time to participate and make some monsters with me. Now I have to get ready to draw some kaiju myself! Again, thank all of you, even the ones that didn't make it in on time, for getting this thing rolling a second time. You've all been awesome.


:iconhayesajones: Contest Entry: Haze Ajoans
:iconsirkaijuofvaudeville: WKAYC: Sur's Kaiju of Vaudeville
:iconakitymh: WKRY Contes: A'Kity'Mh
:iconphoenix-fightmaster: WKAYC - RiftWitch
:iconshadyserpent269: WGMAU ENTRY 2015
:icondinohunter2: WKAYC Entry 2015
:icondeadpoolrus: Dea'Po Ol'Rus
:iconscatha-the-worm: Contest Entry-Sc'Tha
:icongodzillakiryu91: Contest Entry: GK-91
:iconironbloodaika: What Kaiju Are You Contest?
:iconthekaijumaster: Contest Entry - THE KAIJU MASTER
:iconsethhm: Kaiju Contest Entry- MHeHTES
:iconravensaurs-rex: WKAY Contest Entry: Ravensaurs Rex

Contest Entry: Haze Ajoans by HayesAJonesWKAYC Entry 2015 by DinoHunter2Contest Entry-Sc'Tha by Scatha-the-Worm<da:thumb id="534598811"/>Contest Entry - THE KAIJU MASTER by TheKaijuMasterKaiju Contest Entry- MHeHTES by SethHMWKRY Contes: A'Kity'Mh by AkityMHWKAYC: Sur's Kaiju of Vaudeville by SirKaijuOfVaudevilleWKAYC - RiftWitch by Mecha-GREGOLEWKAY Entry - Classification AbsoluteWEAPON by absoluteweaponAvian kaiju Ravenfire by Ravenfire5Dea'Po Ol'Rus by Deadpoolrus WKAY Contest Entry: Ravensaurs RexName:  Ravensaurs Rex
  Terrifying Automation
Height: 40 feet
Length: 60 feet
Mass: 100 tons
Wingspan: 8 feet
Heat Beam Eye Blast- Like a superhero from the 60's Ravensaurus Rex seems determined to scream the names of it's attacks at max volume, to the point that even if it never lands a blow it's foe would be deaf and dazed. The strange optics that sit in the machine's head seem to work through a power source that is yet unknown, what is known is that it refracts a beam of light through the optics to create a devastating optic blast. With the ability to adjust the shutters on it's optics, Ravensaurs Rex can easily change the degree, angle and insensitivity of it's ocular majesty. Able to create thin but powerful beams that punch through several feet of metal as if it were nothing or be set to w wider blast to slowly melt down anything in the thunderous protector's path.
Contest Entry: GK-91Doctor Akira Isley sat at the table, face buried in her hands. She was wearing a stereotypical white lab coat, though it was covered in dirt and quite tattered. Underneath was a plain brown T shirt, also covered in filth, and a pair of comfortable tan pants. She had long red hair, from her mothers side, and her skin was extremely tan, due to all the time she spent in the sun, and behind her hands she had beautiful hazel eyes. She was definitely not scrawny, but was well built, spending her little free time exercising. She may have been a scientist, but that didn't mean she was going to be a completely stereotypical one, white lab coat aside.
She couldn't believe what was happening. How could everything have gone so wrong? No. Nothing had gone wrong. Everything had gone far too right. If it wasn't for the people who brought her here, she would be dead for sure.
The sound of a door being pushed open caught the Doctor's attention, and she quickly tried to make himself presentable, straigh
What Kaiju Are You Contest?Name: IronBloodAika
Type of Monster: Mythical Marauder
  Like others of this class, Aika most resembles a creature of myth or legend. In its case it most closely resembles the three-headed beast Cerberus, described as the Guardian of the Underworld by the ancient Greeks. While key traits such as multiple heads and overall build are similar to ancient texts, there are many key differences that are clearly visible upon closer inspection.
  Using nearby standing structures for reference alongside surveillance satellites, it is estimated that Aika stands at a height of 30 m (98.42) at the shoulder and slopping downward at an angle to a total length of 80 m (262.46 ft). Its front limbs are wide spaced and straight and more well muscled then the backs which are shorter and with noticeable hocks which give them a well angulated bend. Aika is a digitigrade, meaning its weight is placed upon its toes, 5 in the front and 4 in the back, both sets end wi

- In other news I will probably try to figure out a system for doing commissions again in the near future.
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In case you didn't catch this awhile ago. Return to Fire Link! Also that "Filthy Beast" concept art is totally Vicar Amelia and a half lol.
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Updating on the last messages I sent~

I can't ever stop driving this issue about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, but there really, truly is some seriously cheap stuff that I honestly dont know how a solo player is suppose to deal with.
Now what I am refering to is a 3* G Rank quest that has you fight a Tidal Narja, a Zinogre, Tigrex and a Gravios. Sounded easy enough, but soon as I got into that ring, I realized that you got to fight Narja and Zinogre at the exact same time.
Holy. Fuck.
How is anyone suppose to fight this? Zinogre is always fast, especially when he is charged up, but Tidal Narja? No.. I can't think of a more misplaced monster just because of how difficult it is. He doesn't hit hard, especially with my armor and such, but the killing blow with him is that every time he spits an icicle, it always, ALWAYS is aimed at a scale on the field and always bounces off to hit you from behind, and that always, ALWAYS throws you away by about fifteen feet. Combined that with Zinogre's powerful moves and Tidal's really good accuracy, this quest is almost impossible off the bat. Nothing hits hard, but you get hit so often that you can't reasonably fight.
This is one of those scenarios you gotta be lucky and use the monsters attacks against the other monster, but with Tidal, thats difficult since he has such wide sweeping moves.
After the second time I died under the first five minutes, I just hit the power button. I ain't up for that, not with today's issues, oh no...

Speaking of todays issues.... my job tried to can me after only one day of training. The reason? They didn't feel comfortable with sending me out on deliveries and handling money....
Well, I still got my job, but only after my sister heard, and from what I understand, told them that I have Aspergers(Which I honestly forgot to tell them and didnt notice) and it will take time for me to learn things before I understand them, and so they are going to train me for another week to see if I catch on...
This... really made last night unpleasant. First off, pretty much losing my job is just flat out depressing. Especially when I only got trained one day and really have not gotten a chance to learn everything. Second, my sister nearly taking someones head off looks really, really, REALLY fucking ugly. I'm 25 years old, yet my 30+ year old sister has to come to my rescue like I cant handle myself. That looks so bad... The only reason they probably gave my job back is to avoid lawsuit and out of pity, or at least I assume. People just don't up and turn around and give people their jobs back immediately after basically firing them.
I assume after a week of making pizzas inside the store(which is what they decided on) they're probably gonna dismiss me at any rate since they tried just yesterday. Not looking forward to the future work because of this big mess...

I at least can take in some relief that I will get a bit more pay before the unavoidable happens. I accept the worse scenario is probably going to happen, and if it does, I at least have a high chance of returning to the park for a summer job.
Hopefully my sisters intervention will not tarnish my future attempts at finding a job...

Time for a better topic: ever play a Super Mario Galaxy game? Which.. there is only two, the first and its sequel.
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Still has the best Jojo Crossovers.
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Marisa's shamelessness is god-tier
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