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March 9, 2009
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Babtibos by RenDragonClaw Babtibos by RenDragonClaw
Anima Minor Department
Subject Number: 5
Subject Name: Babtibos
Subject Species: Genetically spliced human/shark/mosasaur mutation
Subject Group Classification: Solitary or War Party
Size Class: Medium to Large
Threat Class: A
Stat Classes:
INT: 6
CON: 9
STR: 10
DEX: 6
Abilities and Traits:
- Air breather, but can stay submerged for hours at a time due to massive lung capacity.
- Incredible physical strength, can lift 10 tons of pressure, 15 when blood lusted.
- Serpentine body allows water speeds of excess of 30 knots.
- Can easily regrow lost teeth, teeth which can tear through solid steel and deliver 1000 pounds of pressure per square inch.
- Primitive and instinctual mindset, does have a basic understanding of language, can follow orders. Have a gradually developing culture.
- Some older specimens occasionally suffer from ‘memory relapse’ and other bizarre behavior.
- Will go into a heighted state of blood lust when exposed to vast quantities of blood…extremely dangerous when in this state.
- Hold Babtibaronos to be some kind of god. Worship him and follow in his wake.

After the famous battle between Confessoroc and Babtibaronos took place, the Naval Department was briefly disbanded and reorganized. The old members, many of which included navy personnel from various countries and sailors were ill prepared for the literal sea monsters they were dealing with. Their decisions were frequently used later as examples of what not to do when your subjects attack or need restraint. Meeting aggression with aggression was a last resort as the idea was to protect the faculty as well as the subject with the subject’s life taking precedence. The ‘sink it or swim with it’ mentality of the seamen in charge of the department allowed the subject Babtibaronos to become a true oceanic terror rivaling Hollywood made creations. When they weren’t trying to electrocute it into submission, they ignored it. Instead of working alongside and respecting the leviathan’s instincts, they treated it like a mad dog. Thus it had no concept of what was acceptable or what wasn’t; only that it was surrounded by creatures that sought to inflict harm upon it. It was understandable under these conditions that the territorial creature would become such a disaster before finally being ‘reeducated’ by Confessoroc. The entire Naval Department was detained and as a karmatic stroke of irony, Father Fang sentenced the department to a fate worse than death…experimentation.

While having a massive tanker sinking mosasaur capable of whipping up water spouts the size of buildings was all good in well, it was agreed that something smaller was needed to capture a ship or infiltrate coastal regions. While the Anima Minor department had been in a state of flux over how to create such a subject, Father Fang neatly swept in and said they would be using ‘convicts’ as the base and that they were to use shark and mosasaur for the additives. The entire department was taken aback by the sudden use of human beings as subjects but Father Fang seemed more than comfortable with the idea and had a team on it within the hour. Over a hundred men went into the first trail, about roughly thirty didn’t die from having their bodies rupture or suddenly suffocate from lack of oxygen they could no longer take from the air. The Anima Minor Department took the genes back to the drawing table and focused on applying the mosasaur genes (which were easier to integrate into the human body due to a similar respiratory system) first and the shark genes second and in only select areas such as muscle density, brain function, and dental function. Eventually a successful mutation was created and it was named fittingly after the mosasaur kaiju that had unwittingly aided in its creation: Babtibos.

The Babtibos seemed to have no recollection of who they used to be, which suited Father Fang just fine as they were much more useful this way. Being a centaur like combination of man, mosasaur and shark, the Babtibos were large mutants with incredible physical strength. Equipped with a powerful set of mosasaurian jaws and an exaggerated human torso, the Babtibos were capable of dismantling a car and could tear a man in half with only their bare hands. Their jaws could crush steel and their serpentine lower bodies allowed them fluid speed and agility in the water as expected. Unable to genetically replicate Babtibaronos’s complicated air and water filtering lungs, the Babtibos were restricted by the need to surface. They were however capable of diving for hours with little effort due to the massive lung capacity that they did have. Their striped skin also aided in camouflage as they looked like rippling water from the surface. The Babtibos turned out to be excellent ambush predators as well as powerful hunters, capable of brutally mutilating anything that they caught and chasing down anything that managed to escape them. On land they were slower but still incredibly strong and their thick muscle and finely scaled flesh made them quite resilient to blunt force trauma. Surprisingly the creatures, while simple, still retained a degree of human intelligence and could be trained much as a dolphin could. The most terrifying aspect of the Babtibos however, was its tendency to go berserk…

The mosasaur’s predatory instincts, the shark’s feral cunning, and man’s own vast range of emotions created a perfect breeding ground for a super heightened sense of predation. During the combat trails, the Babtibos would often enter a severe state of blood lust in which nothing else existed but their opponent. It didn’t take much for the Babtibos to enter this state; one gallon of blood is sufficient enough to drive a Babtibos over the edge. An entire war party of Babtibos in this state can render a brachiosaurus corpse nonexistent in a matter of minutes, a man mere seconds. It’s believed that the shark genes were responsible for this behavior as feeding frenzies are common amongst most species. Father Fang nodded with satisfaction after the trails and stated that they should begin training a war party of them for deployment. While the Anima Minor Department discussed the issue with the new Naval Department, Father Fang went about his other tasks for the day. Inevitably, the Anima Major Department got involved and a strange aspect of the Babtibos’s behavior became apparent. Being once human, it wasn’t all that surprising to learn that the older Babtibos occasionally had flashbacks from memories that were now smothered with raw instinct. Once a Babtibos was given a canvas and an industrial strength paint brush with a bucket of black ink to test his reaction; oddly enough the creature actually started painting. At first it was just swirls and loops, probably imitating water but then the painting started to develop a human figure. It was woman, holding a new born. As the painting continued, the Babtibos began to groan as if it was having a headache and with a sudden burst of anger it shattered the canvas and tossed away the brush. It slithered off to another corner of the room and went to sleep. The test was taken by several different Babtibos; each one had entirely different results. Some stared awestruck at their creation, as if trying to decipher it. Others reacted like the first one did and obliterated the canvas, sometimes by eating it. There were a few, mostly the younger Babtibos, that stared at the canvas blankly; unable to comprehend what they were supposed to do with it. It was somewhat tragic, what the exNaval Department had been reduced to. Constantly struggling between being a human being and being a monster without the slightest understanding of why. These flashbacks came and went seemingly at random, causing the afflicted Babtibos to stare off into space and swoon. Flashbacks weren’t the only aspect of their humanity the Babtibos retained. Upon coming into contact with Babtibaronos they displayed the capacity for worship as well.

The leviathan mosasaur ignored the little creatures that ogled him at first. As he got used to them being around he seemed to understand Confessoroc’s instructions a bit more. Tiny things that were similar to you could be precious to you. While he still snacked on one occasionally out of habit, the Babtibos seemed to find this exhilarating and gathered around him whenever he swam by. The Babtibos revered Babtibaronos as he symbolized everything they held important: size, power, cunning, and appetite. While Babtibaronos himself didn’t really know what to make of the Babtibos, the Babtibos themselves used Babtibaronos to fill in the gap that their still slightly humanoid minds had to create. They needed an origin and a reason for existence. A frail monkey tied to a square tree didn’t make sense to them. Where were his jaws? Where was his tail? Why the hell did he have fur growing on his head? The concept of Jesus frankly confused and upset them. A sentiment Father Fang was just ‘slightly’ irritated about. Babtibaronos was their only connection to wherever they might have come from as he was the only thing that actually looked like them in any way, shape, or form. Thus they dedicated themselves and whatever art they created toward the keeper of the drowned. The PR groups were initially outraged at the outright heresy the creatures were creating but Father Fang stated that explaining The Lord to a colony of man eating mutants was like trying to explain quantum physics to a hillbilly. They simply had no use for human values as they had no need for them. The missionaries made an attempt anyway and several different branches tried to explain their practices to the creatures. Some things they found very entertaining, such as baptism. The idea of being reborn in water clicked with them…not holding the missionary in the water for more than a few seconds didn’t. Birth took much longer than few seconds, why would being reborn be that short? It became a common practice to give a ‘baptism’ to missionaries to see if they were worthy of telling them anything. Several dozen drowned men and women later, the missionaries from the Baptist sector had to be content that at least one of their practices had been incorporated into the Babtibos culture.

So it went with all the other sectors. They all tried their hand at trying to imprint themselves on the ‘ poor misguided creatures ’…the results were mixed. Father Fang watched with great amusement as the various sectors competed with each other to see who could convert the reptilian mutants even while they were being trained for coastal operations, a fairly important part of their objective in order for their goals to be met. While Father Fang had initially been slightly hesitant to have so many variations of the faith inside the facility, it was simply a matter of getting the most qualified individuals connected in some way to the church down here. Since they were all striving toward total unity of the globe, he allowed the various factions to become part of his organization; if only so he could weed out the weak. Weeding out the weak was exactly what was taking place in the Naval Department’s walls, where the colony of the Babtibos was settled. Time and again the missionaries and preachers tried to sway the Babtibos with human imagery and time and again the Babtibos either adapted the practice into their own way of doing things or simply disposed of the sometimes ranting nuisance; Babtibos seemed to be mocking them. The Catholics gave them a large statue of Jesus on the cross; the Babtibos studied it for days before creating a hauntingly similar cross of stone. It depicted Babtibaronos lunging upward, jaws wide with his flippers horizontal and his tail straight, the curved parts of the statue around the central figure taking the appearance of waves. The preacher that had brought the original cross was furious and pointed repeatedly at it while shouting exclamations of damnation at the Babtibos. The Alpha Babtibos took one look between the preacher and the old cross before taking said cross and bludgeoning the man to a pulp with it. After that the PR groups gave up and the Babtibos were free to continue their strangely Lovecraftian life style. Father Fang, belonging to no specific brand of Christianity, found the Babtibos’s unique religion fascinating and instead of bringing them human centric religious imagery, brought the Babtibos pictures of mosasaurs from the Savage Chasm. The Babtibos looked upon Father Fang with awe as he must have seen what the Babtibos could only imagine to be their version of heaven. So it was that Father Fang, a man who made a point of not adhering himself to anyone faction of the faith, tamed the Babtibos and convinced them into working with him so that Mosasaurs would swim the seas again as they did in ages past. With major goal, the Babtibos took to their mission training with a fanatical zeal that equaled that of their patron and so various shipments and individuals along the coasts began to mysteriously disappear. Ruptured hulls, broken cabins and massive blood stains often being the only evidence the fearsome ‘sea demons’ had even been there.

The third minion in the series and the fifth to be created by Heavenly Fang, the Babtibos are organization's answer to Navy SEALS and other such nonsense. Primitive, brutal and oddly tragic creatures, this is what happens when your department fails in Heavenly Fang; you get turned into a species of mutant freaks. Probably the most graphic entry to date in my gallery. After SD Gyaos I figured that I'm no longer going to care about gore unless its literal open heart surgery complete with post-it notes. Anyway, enjoy.

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